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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Workday at Etwall

Mavis inspects one of the nest boxes, whilst John
 (in charge of Health and Safety) steadies the ladder.
There were several aspects to today's workday, all involving a ladder. Firstly, Alan Locke needed his ladder transporting to Etwall, we had new signs to put up on the two bridges, and there was also a requirement to check our bird nest boxes, (installed in March) for occupancy during the nesting season. The sign on Sutton Lane Bridge had been wrecked by vandals with airguns, and the ones on the nearby A516 bridge were in very poor condition. No problems in putting up the new signs, taking appropriate safety precautions of course, and a lovely surprise when checking the nest boxes to discover that 9 out of 15 had nests inside them. Sadly, two of them had a dead baby blue tit inside, but it appeared that our project had been very successful in increasing the local blue tit population.
A very satisfactory percentage of occupancy and encouragement for us to further this project during the forthcoming winter. These boxes were sponsored by Etwall people, and we may extend the facility to Mickleover in future, and perhaps Breadsall.

New signing on the A516 Bridge. Ahead is the junction of routes 54 and 68, where to the right, route 54 goes via Mickleover to Derby, and to the left, route 68 (the Pennine Cycleway) heads towards the hills of the Peak District, and onwards over 300 miles further to Berwick-upon-Tweed.


Trexrider said...

Happy to see the 516 has a sign again - looks about the right size to me.

Les Sims said...

On the ground, the signs looked too big, since I had measured for them in cms and ordered them in inches (whoops!).
However, they do look about right for size when viewed from ground level.

Anonymous said...

The sign you see in the photograph has now mysteriously disappeared!