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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tunnel Vision

Nice floodlit tunnels on the new Monsal Trail we have to admit, but at £2.4m we would expect something pretty good.
Down here in South Derbyshire, we don't have that sort of money, but we do have our own tunnel -beneath  the A50 trunk road, on NCN R54 between Etwall and Egginton.
Hit the PLAY button to experience the white knuckle ride through the black hole, transposed by the wonders of space travel, after what seems only a few seconds, into the verdant grasslands of the Trent Valley.
The bright white light is caused by going through the sound barrier, as the front of the bicycle heats up by air friction,  to almost the temperature of warm milk.
You'd have to pay good money for thrills like this at Alton Towers.


Anonymous said...

Very good movie. I did think at one point you may be attempting to join the traffic whizzing along the A50.

swaddywaddy said...

Stephen Speilberg has nothing on you!

Clyde said...

Excellent, Les! Is this the first in a series of Bicycling Wonders of South Derbyshire?

Les Sims said...

Yes, coming soon, a short film entitled "Looking into Local Dog Bins".
A horror story, not for the squeamish.