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Monday, 29 August 2011

Burton's Bothersome Bollard Busted by Bus

Several cars and vans have been "spiked" by the rising bollard in High Street, Burton, but now it has been put out of action by a bus, which was closely following another bus. The device is programmed to allow only a single vehicle through at a time and then only buses. Anything other than a bus, or more than one bus, and up she comes, right in the sump, where it hurts. Hence the oil stains on the road.
When the bollard has been repaired, and there isn't much on the telly, you will be able to watch the fun on a new webcam, overlooking the site.

The Smith Partnership is a firm of solicitors who also have an office in Celtic House in Derby, from where they have another webcam overlooking the new Inner Ring Road. This is linked on-line to the Burton webcam, so that you can check the traffic density before venturing out on your bike.

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