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Friday, 5 August 2011

A Brilliant Idea

Sometimes when putting up new signs it is not possible to find a suitable post on which to put the sign. Concrete posts are also a problem, as self adhesive signs do not stick and obviously you cannot use nails.
Someone (on the VoluteerNet) has come up with a wonderful solution, and that is to use a short piece of plastic drain pipe pushed into the ground.
So, we need some short pieces of plastic piping (3 or 4 inch diameter) to have available when necessary. It does not necessarily have to be circular in cross section as plastic guttering would also be suitable.
If you have some, please it bring along to our Rangers Meeting on Thursday.


Martin said...

The builders left behind 1.7m of drainpipe 69mm diameter (2 23/32 in). 3 lengths 57cm any use?


JohnS said...

I think that I have some lengths of 3" bore x 4' upwards or thereabouts buried around the garden, and could easily dig a few up.If you remember, a couple of years ago you had some to do a drainage job somewhere along the Mickleover Greenway.

swaddywaddy said...

60mm diameter plastic drainpipe approx 3m . Do you want me to bring on thursday to meeting at Flowerpot???

Anonymous said...

All that plastic piping turning up will keep the Flowerpot locals guessing...


Les Sims said...

No need for John to dig up piping as we will have sufficient if Martin and Shawn bring their's along.
I would think that lengths of about 2 feet or multiples thereof would suffice.
We can store it in the Sustrans trailer at Mickleover and take a couple of pieces with us when we go out signing.

JohnS said...

I have put my spade away!