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Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Glow Worm Discovery

A new colony of glow worms has been accidentally discovered in the National Forest by people on a bat walk after dark. The site is in Gresley Woods, and no less than 178 glow worms were counted. It is suspected that they may have been in fill material imported to the site from elsewhere, and efforts are being made to find out where this came from.


swaddywaddy said...

Anyone give me any tips on best time to spot gloworms and what exactly to look out for and where(apart from the obvious glow!


Les have you any links or references to the exact location of the gloworm sightings?

Les Sims said...

Gresley Woods map Ref SK297176 or thereabouts.
They are generally very low down, almost at ground level, in low vegetation and often sometimes almost hidden by leaves, such that you can see them from one angle but not from a different angle.
Take a torch to get there, but turn it off and let your eyes become accustomed to the dark.
Once you have seen one you will know better what you are looking for.
Best time after 10pm. Best weather - a calm warm evening, I would think, although we did see quite a few on a wet night recently.
Good hunting!

Anonymous said...

It would be very useful if you can find anyone who knows how long the glow worms have been there. Is it a well established site or were they imported with the recently laid ballast? And where did the ballast come from?

Unfortunately it is unlikely many people would have walked through the woods after dark in June or July.