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Thursday, 7 July 2011

More on the Longhorse Bridge

We understand that the new bridge is under construction in Chepstow and is programmed to be delivered to the site about the end of August. A 1000 ton capacity crane will be lifting the bridge into position and we will be organising a Rangers Ride to see the event.

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The following from

New Long Horse Bridge in August

EIGHT years after it was demolished as being unsafe, Long Horse Bridge
over the Trent at Derwent Mouth is to be replaced.

Many readers of narrowboatworld may be aware of the problems besetting
the construction of a replacement bridge, including who was to pay for
it, subsequent lack of cash, but mostly caused by the river bank at the
point where the new bridge was to be built being owned by angling clubs,
the Derby Railway Angling Club and Pride of Derby Angling Club, who
refused permission to sell the land for the bridge to be built.

It was only the use of a compulsory purchase order that finally settled
the matter, allowing finance to be arranged and details of the actual
bridge to be decided.

The result is that on the 15th August a new multi user bridge will be
constructed across the river, just upstream from the site of the
original bridge, with the work lasting just a remarkable five days, we
are told.

Boaters at Shardlow Marina will have difficulty accessing the river
during this period, as there will be stoppages from one hour to 48 hours
on the 18th when the bridge will be lifted. Other boaters are requested
not to use the river whilst the bridge is being constructed.