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Friday, 15 July 2011

Lock Your Bike!

There has been a spate of bike thefts in Derby of late, but this may be a little OTT. Who'd pinch this bike anyway?


BirdyRed said...

As it appeasr to have a flat front tyre, probably no-one. Maybe it's a clever way to stop the metal railings being stolen for scrap?

Trexrider said...

I remember there was a bike like this (in Black) in Derby. The rear carrier used to have a largish wooden box bolted to it. But no front carrier. Sometimes the box was replaced with a broad flat wooden board.
It regularly trekked between the wholesale veg market and Brook walk in the fifties and sixties. I used to walk that way to work.
I note this one has shiny new spokes. The black version had black spokes.