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Monday, 4 July 2011

New Sponsorship at Hilton

Don Amott, of Don Amott's Leisure Kingdom, has kindly agreed to sponsor the construction and installation of a seat for public use on the Hilton Greenway.
At present the Greenway is still in the ownership of the constuctors St. Modwen Ltd. but will be handed over to South Derbyshire District Council in the near future.
The path runs between the Don Amott site and the Hilton Business Park, and is a very useful off-road section of  NCN Route 549, the Dove Valley Route, which runs mainly on quiet lanes alongside the A50 trunk road between Hilton and Uttoxeter as an extension of  NCN Route 54.
We will commence construction of the seat very soon, expecting to install it sometime in September.


JohnS said...

Is it possible to access The Don Amott cafe from the new section of greenway? Our walking group recently visited Don Amotts cafe and discovered that the original access was blocked off for vehicles, but was a bit surprised that on foot access was also blocked off. This entailed about another half a mile of walking for our wearying walkers!

Les Sims said...

No, the Hilton Greenway is fenced on both sides over it's whole length and as you say the original entrance from the A5132 road is blocked off.
A new (and the only entrance) is off Isis Way from the new roundabout.
This is a road safety idea from SDDC.

Anonymous said...

Both hospitals in Derby are the same. Approach from the wrong direction and you are faced with a long walk all the way round the outside. They call it security.


BirdyRed said...

I was going to raise exactly the same query as JohnS. Access to the cafe from the new Greenway would surely be a great idea and could result in increased trade. The entry could be via a pedestrian and cycle sized gate and the gate could be locked out of hours.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys you have all got the wrong idea. The slogan on the DCC vans says it all -"Improving Life for local people" Call me cynical? Phil

Les Sims said...

I think that the cafe is there primarily as a convenience for customers who are having their caravans serviced, or perhaps looking to buy a new one.
The profit from the cafe must be miniscule compared to that from selling a few motor caravans at £60,000 apiece, and these customers don't arrive on foot or on a bike!
So putting in a gate from the Greenway would not seem to be likey to be any financial advantage to Don Amott's Leisure Kingdom.
So no chance, I'm afraid..

Trexrider said...

Anyway, I have had to wait to get served this last few visits. Do we want more trade?