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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas to all our loyal Rangers who give their greatest effort during the WORST time of the year.

The photo is of the Ranger Tree in St Helens church Etwall.

Looks like we have a new mascot :-)


Les Sims said...

Yes, this is "Cycling Teddy" who was orignally to be motorised and pedalling the microbike on a static stand. Howeever, the technical difficulties proved to be insurmountable in the time available, and so he was relegated to be a static exhibit.
His predecessor (who cost only 40p at a car boot sale) turned out to be too big for the bike and was therefore made redundant. We resisted the temptation to have him as a guy on the November 5th bonfire and so he now sits on a trapeze high up under Sutton Lane Bridge. This one is "Sutton Teddy". Give him a wave as you pass by.

Anonymous said...

And very smart the tree looks too with many comments when people catch a glimpse of the slowly rotating tree and think they are seeing things! All cleverly designed by Les of course.