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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Those were the Days (7)

The engine shed at Mickleover Station had been a source of problems since British Rail vacated the site.
It was the haunt of various kinds of undesirables; vandals, drug addicts and arsonists to mention but a few. There were regular visits by the Police and the Fire Brigade as a result of calls by the public.
So it had to go.
Eventually, in March of 2003, contractors arrived on site to demolish it. They brought with them a "muncher", that being a large machine with powerful hydraulic teeth which crushed the re-enforced concrete beams into handleable lumps of hardcore and much of that was used to build the ramp up to the Radbourne Gate housing development.
The building stood just where we had our recent bonfire.
The upper picture is taken from Mickleover Station looking West and the lower one looking in the opposite direction.

Talking of hardcore reminds me of an incident when a neighbour did some minor building work and put a notice on his gate saying "Free Hardcore". A group of young lads knocked at the door and were disappointed to find that this was not the pornographic material that they expected!

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