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Monday, 22 November 2010

Those were the Days (6)

A Derby Rangers Ride in London, not so long ago actually, in July 2008. Memorable because it rained cats and dogs all day, but were we downhearted ? Of course we were!
We had an unscheduled stop in a pub for most of the morning and were apprehended by the police for cycling in Regents Park, not allowed apparently. We hurried on to shelter from the rain, leaving Peter Ford to make excuses to the policeman in a van.
Note the wet weather gear and the happy smiles in spite of the cold water running down inside our underwear. Left to right : Mavis, Sue, Phil, Peter, me, Tony and Martin.
Photo by Alan Locke.
Who could forget it?

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BirdyRed said...

They are all laughing cos Phil fell off his bike!!