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Friday, 8 October 2010

MAMIL - a new acronym

See article for explanation.


One of the inevitabilities of a hospital visit is that one reads articles which might otherwise pass un-noticed!


JohnS said...

Thanks for that supreme bit of knowledge, although I have never worn lycra and don't think I qualify for middle age any more. How about S(enior)C(itizen) I(n)

Anonymous said...

As a real incentive for you to get better, Peter, this message is sent to you from Virgin Train between Stoke and Milton Keynes.

Best wishes,


swaddywaddy said...

As one who managed to avoid 'the knife' and is now back on two wheels I wish you well 'birdyred'. Looking forward to repeating this spring's sojourn next year in Ireland. We might take things a little easier next time and enjoy the craic perhaps.

The bone is healing and the body is definitely willing!