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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Engineering project for Les?

This looks like an excellent invention for the next Rangers trip. Each of the 12 people at the bar have to cycle but, in return, there is a barman serving lager as you travel along!

Perhaps Les can knock one up in his workshop?

More pictures and details here


David Martin said...

Thing is would the 12 riders have the stamina to also tow the trailer BBQ!

JohnS said...

Looking more closely, travelling sideways would be a bit of a no no!

JohnS said...

And it would have to be LIGHT ale!

Anonymous said...

Can I bag the steering seat?

Les Sims said...

What a wonderful idea. I wonder how many miles to the pint it does.
Not many I suspect.
I will put this project on my list of things to do in my workshop (at the bottom).