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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Route 54 Re-opens

In the centre of Derby, NCN Route 54 has been diverted from alongside the River Derwent during the lengthy re-furbishment of Cathedral Green and the installation of the new pedestrian swing bridge, which is as yet, un-named.
As of today, the original path is re-opened from the Silk Mill Industrial Museum to Exeter Bridge.
Photograph is looking northwards, and shows the new bridge alongside the river, ie in the retracted position, with the Industrial Museum ahead and, on the right (distant), the Inner Ring Road passing over Causey Bridge. Just out of shot on the left is the new multi-storey hotel under construction next to St.Alkmund's Way and King Street.
The new bridge is not yet open due to some technical problem, but it will normally span the river, being retracted only when the river is in flood, and briefly once a month when it is tested to make sure that it works when needed.


BirdyRed said...

How about "White Elephant Bridge" - a tribute to current British Engineering (redundant, over budget, late and still beset by Technical Problems)

Les Sims said...

Your suggestion will be passed on to the appropriate authorities.
Don't expect a reply.