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Monday, 23 February 2009

Progress at Breadsall

Contractors Pugh-Lewis continue to do some serious earth moving as they cut away the enormous old railway embankment to provide 1 in 20 slopes down to the Windmill Bridleway,moving the spoil to form the slope up to road level at the A608 bridge. Top picture shows one excavator loading the three dumpers whilst another spreads the soil at it's destination.
Meanwhile, at the Breadsall Station site, some more trees are being felled and here the path will meander to leave a large grass area around what is left of the old platforms. (Centre picture). See slideshow for a beautiful photograph of Breadall Station as it was 60 years ago.
Lower picture shows the view from the Windmill Bridleway which was once spanned by a high level railway bridge. The new path will come down on the right towards the tree stump, leaving the original railway embankment (left).
Another gang is working up on the A608/Brookside Road junction where the road is being widened and dropped kerbs are being installed for the road crossing.
The work on this project is so much greater than that involved in the Mickleover to Egginton route which, being flat and straight, required comparatively little earthmoving.
The completion dates vary between 12 and 20 weeks from start 2 weeks ago. My guess is that it is likely to be nearer 20 than 12.

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