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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Signing Ride

A small, but more than adequate team of Rangers was out today correcting DCC cycle route signs which had incorrect colours and numbers, on the stretch of Regional Route 66, The Ringway (orbital) Route through Mick/Mack Park and at Darley Abbey. The good thing about the new signs is that they are on square posts and placed high up, hopefully out of the reach of vandals. Unfortunately this height makes it difficult for us to reach them as well, so the first outing of our wheeled ladder was timely. Some further development is required on the ladder, but it did the job, and we were able to reach all the signs quite safely.
There were so many requiring attention that we ran out of stickers and so Peter Ford dashed off home to fetch some more.
By the time he returned, it was time for a rest, a pint and some food at the Rugby Club on Haslam's Lane at Darley Abbey. Although decribed as a "small portion", the fish, chips and peas (£3.95) were in fact quite filling and kept us going for the rest of the afternoon.
So a good job done, but there may be more such problems out there, so let us know if you see any signing anomalies.
When the contractors have completed the signing of all the Ringway Route, we will carry out a full audit.
Picture shows Ian steadying the ladder for Martin at the junction of Haslam's Lane and Folly Road.

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