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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Derby & Sandiacre Canal

Things appear to be moving with regard to the enormous task of the reinstatement of the canal link between Swarkestone and Sandiacre via Derby, and since much of NCN Route 6 runs alongside the proposed route, we need to be keeping an eye on developments, even though it is unlikely to be detrimental to cycling.
The Canal Society held an important meeting last night and as a member John Swan went along. Here is his report of the meeting.

Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust meeting 27th January 2009 at Gregory’s, Nottingham Road, Derby.
About 80 persons present, of which I knew no one personally. A display of various maps and plans of the canal showing the plan for the ‘Draycott Canal Garden’.
There was also a plan of the undeveloped section between Breaston and Draycott, which is presently only of footpath status. This plan showed that this section has five different owners (shown by different colours on the plan) and will be on the original line. Part of the ‘Spondon mile’ was also shown. Some of this already has housing development close by, and an agreement between the Canal Society and the developer at that point.
The meeting commenced with a long clarification of some of the objectives, and methods of financing the various parts of the canal as they progressed, by the civil engineer, Rob Hartley, who seems to be a capable person. The main funding principle appears to be, to engage with various developers close by the canal route and work with them. This, to my mind, gives the impression that the present rural scenery adjacent to the canal will become much more ‘towny’ if you know what I mean. The first two sections which they hope to complete this year(!) are the Spondon Mile and the Draycott Canal Garden. An illustration of the ‘garden’ was on show and it looked much too formal. More like a Chatsworth set out, but this may only be the impression that I had.
The actual planning application has not been registered yet, and will not be available online before March. Should make interesting reading.
We will then be able to give our comments.
John Swan 28th January 2009

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