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Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Gastronomic Ride

4 Rangers (Les, Phil, Keith and Peter) set off from Exeter Bridge on a fine bright morning bound for Attenborough Nature Reserve. The first stop/rendezvous was Trent Lock where we were joined by Tony who had cycled from his Long Eaton home. There is a cafe in the old Lock Keepers cottage and we were made welcome while we decided which of the 30 types of tea on offer we would drink. Whilst waiting we inspected the various items of memorabilia adorning the inside walls and were intruiged by the notice pictured above. We were unsure which category fitted us best!! Refreshed, we followed the excellent path along the bank of the River Trent to the east end of the Attenborough Reserve from where we turned north to pass through Attenborough village and join NCN route 6. Route 6 was taken back into Long Eaton where we stopped for lunch at a Wetherspoon pub, for which we had a number of meal and drink deal vouchers. We were joined here by Martin and Joy who had walked from Attenborough Railway station. After lunch we split up again and there were only 3 of us on the ride back to Derby. We made good time despite the slight head wind. It was an enjoyable day with good weather and we considered both eating places to be worth a future visit.

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