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Monday, 6 October 2008

A ride in the Deep South Thurs 16 Oct 2008

Shawn Brotherhood will be leading a ride on Thurs 16 Oct on proposed and established parts of NCN Route 63 from Burton to Swadlincote and Measham, and then by country roads to Tamworth. This ride will include some newly-surfaced paths around the lake in the Albert Village nature reserve. 10:08 train from Derby (stops at Willington). Meet Shawn around 10:30 on the Ferry Bridge, Burton. Lunch at Moira Furnace tea rooms. More details will appear on the Derby Rangers website soon.

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Shawn the Sheep said...

Enjoyed myself today nice run! Sorry about all the mud but Clyde wanted to see it all! Hope to enjoy a granite picnic lunch at Copnkers with you all next summer. Les please keep me posted with the contact details of ,is it 'Alan' the NF (thats national Forest!)guy we met on the Aashby Woulds trail