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Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Workday Season Starts Here

The leaves will soon be changing colour and it will be time to resume our main Autumn/Winter task of cutting back the vegetation which has grown at an alarming rate during the recent wet Summer.
We have already had two small scale operations to check out the new strimmer. This has proved to be a most useful tool, clearing ground much faster than we could ever do by hand. There is still plenty of hand work to do however, since the strimmer cannot safely cut through anything greater than 6mm diameter.
We have usually had two workdays per month, one weekday followed by a Saturday one for those who cannot get along during the week.
Martin's survey of glow worm numbers has shown that the ground clearance of previous years is increasing the glow worm population, so we shall continue with that work.
This year we have an additional task, and that is to open up the views of the veteran oak trees which are (or should be) visible from the cycle path, and this will mean the removal of smaller trees which are bloccking the view.
The followng dates are proposed :-
Friday 3rd October
Saturday 4th October
Thursday 23rd October
Saturday 25th October
Time and venue for all 9am on R54 Mickleover at the Curved Seat approx 3/4 mile from Mickleover Station. Finish by 12 noon. All tools and drinks provided.


Anonymous said...

I should be able to attend on 23rd and 25th but not the first 2

Ash said...

Whilst normally a week day helper, I have an appointment on 3.Oct so will turn up on the Saturday

Anonymous said...

We will be away on 3rd and 4th October but will be here for 23rd and 25th Oct.