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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Route 54 News

In preparation for the BBQ on Sunday, we have cleared the grass area adjacent to Sutton Lane Bridge on R54 at Etwall, using the new strimmer. Old hands will recall that there was a seat hidden in the undergrowth. Now you can see it.
We are proposing to keep this clearing open in future by strimming at regular intervals. That will be a lot easier now that we have cleared the heavy growth.
Picture shows Phil strimming whilst I tend the bonfire and take photographs.
Sue Harris cycled down with coffee and biscuits for our morning break. Thanks Sue.
Also Keith Lycett has been down to repair one of the vandalised pedestrian gates at Bearwardcote Farm and made such a good job of it that you have to look very closely to see what has been done. Thanks Keith.

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