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Sunday, 28 September 2008


Twenty odd people (no - best re-phrase that) twenty plus people turned up for our new concept - a DIYBBQ, that being a barbecue where you bring your own burgers and we (that is, Mavis and Sue) cook them for you.
The venue was beneath the Sutton Lane Bridge on R54 which makes a fine shelter from the weather. A brick gazebo in fact.
The gifted BBQ worked well, and we will no doubt be having more such events in the Spring. The BBQ has now gone into storage in the boiler room at the Etwall Leisure Centre for the winter.


Anonymous said...

Twenty odd people sounds about right to me!!

Clyde said...

Sounds really good. Sorry I couldn't make it.


Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable and relaxed event, and we didn't even notice the rain!

Anonymous said...

Les your talents know no end. How did you take a picture on 28th October 08 because I am still in September 08? Phil Egginton

Les Sims said...

Good question!
Just checking if anyone is reading this rubbish.

Keith said...

ODD, in the Lancastrian dictionary is individual and attractive in personality, it also mentions humorous and strange.