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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

More of the Foxfield Railway

Some more photographs of today's outing to the Foxfield Railway.
Top picture shows the group on the station platform.
Centre picture is of Tony photographing the engine at the halfway turnround point, as it is moved round to head the train for the return journey.
Bottom picture shows cakes on the table in Bird's Cafe as we await the serving of the excellent chocolate drink. Having burned off a few calories during the fast ride back from Blythe Bridge to Uttoxeter, we felt justified in replacing them by consuming some rather naughty cakes.
Doughnut on the right (mine),and gingerbread man on the left (Martin's). Neither lasted very long.


Trexrider said...

Number one is an excellent photo, Where do you find the good photographers amongst the general public?
As to that nasty polluting thing in the background, I would point out it is taking up good cycle track!

Anonymous said...

How do 2 Birds Cream Cakes fit into 6 Rangers?
That's not like the Sustrans Rangers I know!!!

Les Sims said...

The other cream cakes vanished before I could photograph them.