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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Introduction to Derby Rangers Blog

With ever increasing content, we have had technical difficulties in getting the Derby Rangers Newsletter to transmit by Email to some Rangers.
After the August 2008 issue the Newsletter is therefore discontinued and replaced by this blog, which will be online and therefore accessible by all Rangers at all times.
You can make it a "Favorite" or have it as an icon on your desktop.
Instead of collecting information over a period of four weeks and then sending it out at the beginning of the month, the blog will be updated as and when necessary. It will therefore be up to date at all times.
There are three "authors" who can add postings, Alan Locke, Peter Ford and me, Les Sims. This will ensure that when any one of us is away, the others will be able to add information to the blog.
Readers are able to add comments to the postings.
The blog will carry text, photographs, maps and video. Click on an image to enlarge it.
As postings are added, they will appear on the screen above the previous items.
Reports of recent happenings will follow on from the August issue of the Newsletter.


BirdyRed said...

This will be available to all Rangers who have an internet connection (must it be Broadband?) Do you have a plan for those who dont?

Les Sims said...

All our Rangers and contacts have Internet, but I do not know how may have Broadband.
I presume that it will work on Dialup.