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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Breadsall Greenway NCN Route 66

We have installed the first seat alongside the proposed route of this new cycle path.
The photograph shows Martin Aldred and Keith Lycett who laboured on in the pouring rain to ensure that we complied with the requirement to have the seat in position on the final day of the grant availability. We hope that the £50 cheque is "in the post".
The seat is secured to the fence with 6" nails as well as having its legs buried in the clay soil, as a precaution against vandalism.
John Swan has since given the seat a second coat of wood preserver, something that was not possible on the day of installation, since (firstly) the liquid is water based, and (secondly) we were all wet through and anxious to get home.

Within the next week the formal planning application for the route, which we hope will be just a formality, goes before the planning committee. Hopefully construction work can then commence.