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Friday, 7 April 2017

Action on Graffiti

Some months ago the underpass of the A516 bridge at Etwall was attacked by mindless vandals who sprayed graffiti over a large area of the walls.

Our policy is to paint over such unsightly spoilage of our Greenways, but due to difficult weather conditions we have only just got round to fixing the problem.
Today our crack team of graffiti obliterators turned out with rollers, brushes and a large bucket of white paint to overpaint the eyesore.

                                                 And here they are - in action.

Within a couple of hours,  using surprisingly little paint, the job was done, and although we need to do a bit more tidying and perhaps a second coat of paint, at least the graffiti is gone.
After a break for coffee tea and snacks, kindly provided by Mavis and Sue, we had time to
attend to a few other minor problems in the immediate area. The 33 wooden steps at Sutton Lane Bridge needed a good clean, some pruning of overgrown vegetation was required and locks on the gates needed lubrication.

Phil, Sue and Mavis here making a nice job of cleaning the steps which lead down from Sutton Lane Bridge to the R549 path below.

Mavis checks the steps on completion of the job.

And Phil points to another problem on the bridge, that being two empty bottles precariously  perched on a ledge. He was unable to dislodge them by throwing stones at them, so watch out when you next pass beneath the bridge as they will surely come down one day.

Thanks also to Nick Potter who came along later having represented us at the meeting with Huub Events regarding the Great Northern Run. He also did some pruning of nearby vegetation and carried out maintenance of the nearby gate locks.

So, a good job done by all. Don't forget to record work hours on the Sustrans Volunteers Web Site.


littleranger said...

Graffiti free still on Saturday
15th April. Should be easier to
eradicate now.

Longranger said...

Suggestion for the next working party - the mud and grass in the underpass, as seen in the pictures. Not sure what tools are in the trailer, but I could bring any spades / shovels in the bike trailer.

While we are working there, could we also move the mud etc from the dip on the path up to Barleyfields / Ash Lane? Stuff runs downhill when wet and settles in the dip, forming an obstacle.

littleranger said...

Good idea re next working party.
Yesterday there was a lot of litter bottles etc. under the bypass bridge but no graffiti so that was a relief.
Removed the litter I could carry and will log my hours.