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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Later that day................

After the Great Northern Run we had intended to do a Litter Pick at Mackworth, where there is usually a plentiful supply of the stuff.  It had actually stopped raining and we did not wish to disappoint Dan, whose idea it was, so we did actually pick up a whole black bin liner full and that warranted the alongside photograph.

Left to right - Chris, Les, Dan, Milepost.
Foreground - Bag of Litter.
Photo on Dan's phone by unknown young lady who happened to be passing.

This Sustrans Milepost at Mackworth has always been of interest as it was painted by Graffiti Vandals of whom we know nothing, and they made quite a passable job of it.
How things have changed from those far off days.
Sustrans now have an artist to do this job and she will be coming to our area in the foreseeable future.
Watch this space.


Longranger said...

Sorry, I forgot about that. Having spent a dull wet morning at Bearwardcote Gates, all I wanted to do was to warm up and dry out.

littleranger said...

Yes we were also committed for the whole of the day and well done to the brave souls who braved the elements of the day.