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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Moonrise over Mickleover

On a recent homeward bound train trip from Crewe, I got off the train at Tutbury/Hatton and cycled home in the rapidly gathering gloom. By the time I got to Egginton Junction Bridge it was almost dark and by Bannel's Gate there was a wondrous sight as the "super" moon rose above Mickleover.
 Here is the best photograph that I could get of it.

The moon seemed so large, and I thought to myself  "Just imagine how large it will be by the time I get to Station Road".
Then I thought "Hang on a minute - it's a quarter of a million miles away, and getting a mile closer isn't going to make much difference".
Needless to say - it didn't.

"Moonrise over Mickleover" - what a wonderful title for a song.

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