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Sunday, 16 October 2016

New Seat

 The new seat at Kingfisher Bridge, Etwall was unveiled today in bright sunshine after the morning's rain had passed  over. It was financed by Ann Meeds in memory of her late husband Bryan.
A small group of Ann's relatives and friends, together with Sustrans Rangers were in attendance and several bottles of wine were produced. Mavis Ratcliffe brought along one of her famous cream sponge cakes and this also rapidly disappeared.

                                                                   Unveiling of the seat

                                             Ann Meeds and family try out the seat.

                               He wasn't invited to the ceremony but he came along anyway.

                                                 Mavis offers Ann a piece of sponge cake.

                                                       The seat with no people on it.

                                                                  And the memorial plaque.

1 comment:

littleranger said...

A wonderful afternoon attended by 10 of us (should have made two cakes)! The alcohol flowed easily as did the cake and a happy time was enjoyed by all. Well done Les in his excellent wood working - he still has the 'seat techniques'. Ann and family very pleased with the finished result and event.