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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Christmas Party Yo Ho Ho

Hi Folks,
You will be pleased/dismayed (delete as applicable) to hear that the Big Day is now less than 100 days hence, and that the shops already have mince pies (with a Best Before Date of November the something) on the shelves.  Soon they will be displaying all the usual Christmas Fare and a variety of Merry Junk in an effort to separate the Nostalgic and the Weak-willed from their hard earned cash.

But have no fear, here is news of the big event of the Christmas Season, the Derby Rangers Christmas Lunch, once again to be held at Don Amott's Café and we need to agree on a mutually convenient date which does not clash with your holidays, hospital appointments, family commitments, court appearances or prison sentences.

How's about Tuesday 13th December or Tuesday 20th December?  Cannot make 15th as it is my wife's wedding anniversary. Note that there is no clash with the Derby CTC Lunch at Sudbury Prison this year as that is planned for 1st. December.

Cost and menu to be confirmed but expected to be similar to last year.

Please affirm or make alternative suggestions below.



littleranger said...

Hi Santa
Either date is fine for us.

Longranger said...

Either date currently fine for me too.

swaddywaddy said...

Is the 15th also your wedding anniversary Santa? I hope I can join you this year but as ever depends on work.

BirdyRed said...

Yep, both dates are good for me and Mrs BirdyRed.

Maldwyn said...

The 13th would be ok for us - Maldwyn & Karen

Martin said...

13 or 20 December is fine for Joy and Martin

Ian said...

Either date fine with me - Ian