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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Yet More Rides

Now that Summer is here (well some of the time) there are lots of organised rides available.

Last Sunday we helped out with the Rotary Ride to Elvaston Castle. Poorly attended by the public but we enjoyed ourselves, particularly the get together over lunch at the Castle.  In spite of the poor attendance, lots of money was raised, some by the simple expedient of a new technique called virtual sponsoring where both sponsor and the sponsored stay at home, but money changes hands with no further effort by either party.

On Wednesday next 29th June we have a Rangers Ride along Route 6 to the Cloud Trail to meet up with Sustrans Staff and Rangers to say farewell to Ian Mannion who is retiring after 26 years working for Sustrans on path construction and maintenance, including Route 6 in the Melbourne area and on the  Cloud Trail. Meet at Swarkestone Lock at 10.30am.to ride along Route 6 to the Trent Viaduct. Possible lunch at the Breedon Garden Centre?

On Thursday 30th June we are invited to the White Peak Rangers Ride to look at the exciting new White Peak Loop just North of Matlock. See earlier post from Clyde Hinton.

Sunday 3rd July sees a clash, with two rides, one the Monsal Trail Ride as on the previous post, and the Sheffield Sky Ride, which will be the last in the very successful City Sky Rides which have seen enormous numbers of cyclists out on the closed roads of their cities. Lots of cycling related activities along the 5 mile route, which runs close by the Railway Station. Having, in previous years, attended Sky Rides in Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield,  I will be sorry to see the end of these rides which have done much to further popularise all kinds of cycling.  All good things come to an end eventually, I suppose.


Martin said...

Les, hope to join you at 10.30 at Swarkestone Lock on Wednesday for the Ian Mannion ride.

littleranger said...

I hope to join you on the Matlock ride on Thursday