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Monday, 20 June 2016

Glow Worm Walk 10.30 pm Thursday 23 June 2016 from Mickleover Station

There will be a walk to count glow worms on the Mickleover Greenway between Mickleover and Bannell's gate (the second set of gates from Mickleover), starting from Mickleover Station parking area, just off Station Road, almost opposite the Great Northern pub, at 10.30pm on Thursday 23 June 2016.

We should cover the 2 miles or so to reach Bannell's gate around 11.15pm, where people from Etwall, and beyond, can join us.

Previous walks indicate virtually all the remaining glow worms reside between the city boundary at Mickleover and Bannell's gate.

Arrival back in Mickleover should be shortly after midnight. It is possible to spot glow worms from a bike at slow speed. No lights required to see the glow worms|


Les Sims said...

See you there (although it's later than my normal bedtime).

littleranger said...

Will join you with our grand daughter from the Etwall end and Paul Miller from Mickleover will also be joining us but not sure from which point.