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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Egginton/Mickleover Greenway News

You will not be surprised to hear that the Greenway is once more blocked by flooding at Egginton Junction Bridge. This has been the situation for several weeks now, and is the longest period of flooding within living memory.
                                       View from bridge parapet looking towards Etwall.

As if that were not enough, the bridge parapet has been struck by a heavy vehicle travelling towards Hilton and a large crack is now evident. It appears to be stable and has been fenced off, but will have to be repaired one day. Fortunately the damage is not on the span of the bridge but towards one end, where there is solid ground below. People on the path are not in danger, nor are pedestrians on the pavement above.

 More signs of devastation on the path between the A516 Tunnel and Heage Lane where Derbyshire County Council have flailed the verge rather severely, but the plants will soon recover from this rather brutal treatment.

 This Victorian House, visible from Heage Lane Bridge, was built around the turn of the century (1899/1900) to house the manager of the adjacent gas works. It has been up for sale since the death of the owner, whose name I cannot re-call, but who was a talented and well known local footballer in his younger days.
The house is now sold, so we will have a new neighbour soon. The two adjacent houses have been sold within the last year or so.

 But as usual along with the bad news there is some good news:-
Here at our favourite cafe..................

The new enlarged verandah is complete just in time for us to be sitting out there in the warm sunshine about to come.

                           Not only that but it incorporates neat parking for a dozen bikes.

                                                          Well done that man, Don Amott!

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littleranger said...

Fantastic work at Don Amotts