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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Last Week's News of the Mickleover Greenway

A lot has been happening down on the Trail this last week - mostly good news, but as usual a little of the other.
The Bad News
The path is once more blocked at Egginton Junction Bridge by flooding. This view is becoming a little too familiar.

Several soakaways were installed alongside the path here some years ago, but presumably they are already full of water and any further rainwater has nowhere to go.
The second item of bad news is that the Hilton/Mickleover signpost which stood opposite the Old Station Close Gate has rotted away at ground level and fallen over.  We will restore this by fastening it to a nearby fencepost until such time as the County Council can find resources to  make a permanent job of it.

But now on with the Good News ...............
The Community Payback Teams have now completed the widening work on the path right through from Mickleover Station to Egginton Junction Bridge, and yes including the flooded section which we had them tackle before the flooding.
Also they have widened some of the side paths in the area around Mickleover Station, even including the relaying of the surface of the sloping path up to the Radbourne Gate Housing Development which had been partly washed away during torrential rain.  Fortunately this was close by several lorry loads of Toptrek left over from the flood alleviation work carried out last year.

                     View looking up the Radbourne Gate Path.

                   And a view looking down towards the main path.

Here the side path to Roydon Close on the left is almost unrecognisable.  Last Summer it was all but blocked by excess vegetation.

The Payback Team have also done some work to level the surface at Bearwardcote Gate, eliminating a possible trip hazard for the runners in the forthcoming Great Northern Run on 6th March.

                             Work done at Bearwardcote Gate.

Not only have the Payback Team been working hard but we have also had a visit from the Conservation Volunteers from Burton who have been working in Appletree Meadow, which lies between the lower end of Old Station Close and Hilton Brook at Kingfisher Bridge.  This was the site of a sewage farm in days gone by.
They have made a nice job of layering the hedge which runs along side the Greenway. Pictures below.

 No doubt this will make good strong hedge in years to come.
And two further items -
The 3rd milestone has been located and will be cleaned up and painted along with the others when they have all dried out.
And the dodgy latch on Bannel's Gate is being repaired. The wood screws fell out and we are putting in longer ones.

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littleranger said...

That is all excellent work and well done to everyone concerned and especially to Les for keeping a close eye on the situation.