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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Mickleover Greenway Latest News

Some good news and some bad news.
Firstly the bad news.........
The path at Egginton Junction Bridge (R549) is blocked by flooding.

The water is well over a foot deep and I regard that as impassible.

But to my surprise, this guy didn't, and rode through with his feet, hubs and bottom bracket submerged, and his pannier trailing in the water.

Had my camera ready in case he hit a submerged object and fell off, but he didn't.  (:- (
After the recent incessant rain, the path is rather muddy throughout it's length. Several small trees alongside the path blew down in the recent gale force winds but these have all been cleared away.
The road beneath Heage Lane Bridge was flooded a couple of days ago, but is clear today.

The good news is that the Payback Team are back after their Christmas Break and we now have them working from the Mickleover end, widening the path  in the direction of Bannel's Gate.
They have cut more turning spaces for their minibus, one being at the Burnaston House gates. One of them has blown down, but it is of no concern to us.

                          View looking towards Bannel's Gate and Mickleover.
They are now approaching the narrowest part of the path which also happens to be the least accessible, and necessitates a longer journey in the minibus. In a few weeks time they will get to Bearwardcote Gate joining up with the widening carried out from Etwall and the whole 5.25 miles of the Greenway will be back to it's original width.

The missing 3 mile marker stone has been found at last, after being obscured previously by vegetation.  It is situated about halfway between Bearwardcote Gate and Bannel's Gate on the East side of the path.  Since it weighs about 2 cwt, it will require several strong persons to retrieve it back to a more visible position. We may be able to get the Payback Team to do this as they are heading in the right direction.

Also good news at Don Amott's Cafe where a new kitchen has been installed, and the menu now includes all-day breakfasts which, at £4.80, looks worth trying, as that includes a variety of items and a drink of tea or coffee.

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Littleranger said...

Good to see the Pay Back Team Bus visiting the toilets in the Etwall Car Park over the weekend and they are continuing to do an excellent job. Track really muddy at the moment and not good for keeping the bike clean!