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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Gale Force Winds

As (some of us) lay abed last night, the wind blew at a reported 70 mph blowing away the weather vane which is (was) in our garden.
Meanwhile up on the Breadsall Greenway, several small trees were uprooted and are now partially blocking the path. They are all on Phase 1 of the path between The Paddock PH and Sixoate Gate.  No problems on Phase 2 of the path ie Sixoate Gate to Lime Lane.
They can be cleared by a Ranger with a hand pruning saw.  Volunteer(s) required please.
Photos herewith:-

                                           Here in The Dell.

                                             And nearby.

Not so sure about this silver birch as it is not blocking the path and doesn't look as though it will fall down yet awhile. Cutting the trunk may make matters worse.  It is between the Station and the top of the slope down to Windmill Bridleway.

                      This one is on the slope up from Windmill Bridleway.

Anyone aware of other trees blown down on our routes?


Ian said...

Blockage on path to Swarkstone just south of the link to Infinity Park. Can just about climb through the branches.
I've reported it to Derby City Council.

Martin said...

On Route 6 towards Worthington:

2 ivy clad bushes on the canal towpath, close to the turn off to the old railway line.

Another bush half blocking the path the other side of the Trent, before King's Newton.

Not sure which authorities are responsible for these two sites.

Didn't notice anything blocking R6 inside the city boundary, before I turned off at Sinfin Moor Lane, about 2.45pm this afternoon.

Les Sims said...

Problems on the canal towpath between Swarkestone and Weston will be joint responsibility of Sustrans and the Canal & River Trust, but since both these are on Route 6 and Sustrans have maintenance guys available, I will pass this on to James Lowe who manages these guys.

Martin said...

Thanks Les. It would be great if the Sustains contractor also had access to mechanical road sweeping equipment, because a thick layer of mushy leaves is building up on the Tarmac section of R6 beyond King's Newton.

Les Sims said...

I'm not sure that Sustrans have access to mechanical sweeping equipment but given time I'm sure that the leaves will blow away eventually. Dogs will enjoy picking up the sticks and taking them home. I kept well clear of a small dog at Breadsall who was carrying a 6ft long stick.