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Monday, 18 May 2015

Mickleover Greenway

The flood alleviation work, which has closed the route for the last few weeks, is now complete and the path has been re-opened.
The result is a long earth bund (bank) on the South side of the path preventing flood waters from getting onto Milton Close where houses were flooded a couple of years ago.  At the most westerly end of the bank water can flow into the existing stream where it emerges from a culvert,  The stream has been cleaned out.
At the base of the existing fence, timbers have been added.
On the Northern side of the path a shallow ditch has bee excavated, and this will carry minor waters off the path.
Steel piling is concealed within the bank and grass seed has been set on the surface.

 The bund looking towards Mickleover..

                                                      The fence looking towards Etwall.

                                          The shallow ditch looking towards Mickleover.

It all looks rather bare at present, but the current spell of showery and warm(ish) weather should see a variety of plants soon sprouting on the bare earth.
The path surface has, inevitably, suffered, but the thousands of bike tyres, footprints and paw marks will soon smooth it out.

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