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Friday, 20 February 2015

Death of Clive Hart

Sad to report the death from stomach cancer of Clive Hart, another long time user of the Mickleover Greenway.
He was on the path most days surrounded by his tribe of dogs of many denominations and sizes.
They were all rescued by him from previous owners who could no longer look after them.
Most were in the final years of their lives and some suffering from terminal disease.
It must have cost him a fortune to feed them and pay the vet's fees.
He lived on Western Road at Mickleover and every day used to take the whole pack in his minibus to Greenside Court, off  Ladybank Road, and walk them across the field onto the Greenway. He always cleaned up after his dogs and even cleaned up after other people's dogs.
I used to stop for a chat with him when we met and recall that he had one large over-sexed dog which had a bad habit of "humping" the smaller members of the pack, and Clive used to give him a prod or two with his wooden staff whilst we chatted.
I once went to Clive's house to collect some tools which he was giving away, and as I knocked at the door, one dog barked, setting off all the others. The cacophony was so loud that it set off the next door neighbour's burglar alarm! Chaos reigned until Clive came to the door, but the burglar alarm carried on sounding as I rode away.
 A great character. He will be remembered.


Peter Roberts said...

I remember him well and always used to stop and have a chat

Longranger said...

Sorry to hear the sad news - it was always a pleasure to stop to talk to Clive and attempt to put the world to rights. He was missing for a while, having had an operation for lung problems due to asbestos exposure in the navy. On his return he was still active on the trail, but appreciated the seats more.