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Thursday, 11 September 2014

London Road Bridge

Derby's main road bridge on London Road, just South of the railway station, has been out of action and the road closed for quite some time now, so we sent our ace reporter Hamish McPukes together with photographer "Lens" Sims along to see what is going off.

The new steel bowstring bridge is almost in position, currently sitting on hydraulic jacks about 1.5m above it's final resting position whilst works goes on to surface the approach ramps.

 View from the adjacent temporary bridge which has allowed pedestrians and cyclists to cross the railway during construction work.

                                            Pads at X  have to sit on supports Y eventually.

Sadly the new bridge will have no provision for cycle lanes on it's deck even though the road either side does have.  Another bit of poor planning.

So make good use of the temporary bridge while it lasts - a fast route into town especially if you speed up the video to 4x actual cycling speed.



Jim Hudson said...

It appears from your photos Les, that the "slide process" has now taken place. When I saw the bridge on Tuesday 9th it was positioned perhaps some 5 metres north (towards the city) sitting on a mechanism to slide it across when the south abutment was completed.

Anonymous said...

... and if you slow the video right down, you can even read the "CYCLISTS PLEASE DISMOUNT" sign at the start.