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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Coventry Sky Ride

Encouraged by a good weather forecast and having enjoyed the Sky Ride in Leicester a few weeks ago, Martin and I travelled by train today for the Coventry Sky Ride.
Perhaps a few less cyclists on the streets of Coventry but certainly many thousands, and perhaps not such a good route as Leicester, but nevertheless lots of fun on two wheels and well worth the journey.

Photograph by Joy.

Watched over by this rather nice statue of Coventry's own Lady Godiva ............

                            ......... riders gather in Broadgateto sign on.

                                          Lots of entertainment in the shadow of the Cathedral.

Including this original cycle ballet.
But for me the star of the day was this guy. a real trouper, who pedalled this contraption around the course (which had quite a few hills), not only playing the piano but singing as well.
Unfortunately, I was not able to video his exploits as he had, understandably, run out of steam by the time I caught him up.
Further notes for engineers and those of an enquiring disposition:-
For reasons of aerodynamics and forward visibility, the piano travels sideways and has a bicycle within it's lower half.  The "artiste" also travels sideways, being seated on a sort of sidecar and propelling the contraption by means of a set of pedals which drive through a 1: 1 bevel gearbox to the normal chain wheel.
It is steered by sliding the seat towards or away from the keyboard, together with a large lever, here hidden by the guy's coat.
 I forgot to ask him about brakes, but it presumably has some. The possibility of this thing running out of control on a steep hill, does not bear thinking about.  " Well, it were like this, officer ..............."

PS 22nd September
The official attendance was 8,000 and there are some videos on YouTube (search for Sky Ride Coventry 2014).  

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