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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Demise of Sustrans Rangers?

Thousands of human volunteer rangers may become redundant if the Sustrans management go ahead with plans to bring in robots which are currently under development in a secret location near to Bristol Cathedral in conjunction with the inventor Dr. Guero.
The robots, only 10 inches high, have already been programmed to ride tiny battery powered bicycles, and further software development will see them trained to pick up litter, remove graffiti and clear up dog muck. Using miniature secateurs, they would also be able to cut back very low overhanging tree branches.
Fitted with LED front and rear lights to conform with current road safety laws, they would work 24/7 over the whole of the National Cycle Network, making human intervention unnecessary.



Longranger said...

I don't expect they will deprive us of our tea & cakes at Hargate Tea Rooms (Don Amott's)

Les Sims said...

No, being battery powered, they only eat ohm made cakes.

BirdyRed said...

More likely is that Rangers would become Robot Supervisors to make sure that they were not stolen by users of the cycleways and, of course, we would each need a specially adapted trailer to take them home each night to recharge the battery.