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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Velodrome News

I must admit that I was not keen on the external appearance of the Velodrome when the first of the gold, silver and bronze tiles were put in place. Now that most of the tiles are on, I find it more attractive, and in fact seen from a distance with a shaft of sunlight catching the colours it looks much nicer, particularly in relation to the surrounding buildings.

                                 View from the railway bridge on the Ascot Drive side of the site.
                                 The automotive jumble in the foreground is the Audi dealership.

                                         And a close up of the South side and main entrance.
                                               I wonder what it will look like at night.

Meanwhile .................... on the other side, between the Velodrome and the Riverside Path, work has already started on the outdoor track, after the controversial decision by the DCC Planning Committee last week.

 Very close to the building some topsoil has been stripped off and new fencing erected. This indicates two things.  Firstly the requirement for access to the outdoor track from the Velodrome as they will both use shared facilities, changing rooms, toilets, showers and café etc.
Secondly that DCC are anxious to get on with the job before the bird nesting season starts.
The Wildlife Groups are planning to take legal action on the planning decision and if the dispute goes to court someone will be losing a lot of money in legal fees.

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