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Friday, 7 February 2014

NCN Route 54 at Little Eaton

Even more chaos than usual at the A38 roundabout at the bottom of Abbey Hill where the road through Little Eaton goes off to the left. Serious road works are in hand to reduce traffic congestion and about time too.
The JCB below road level is digging out a slip road which will allow village traffic to peel off the A38 before entering the roundabout.
To the right is the pedestrian crossing which carries Route 54 across the A38, and we would normally go straight on here, past the old Little Chef (now Starbucks), but that path is closed and we have to go back up Abbey Hill to some steps alongside the railway bridge and descend to a muddy path which goes alongside the static caravan site.

                        This young lady is carrying her bike down the steps to the muddy path below.
                           Note that a bike ramp is provided alongside the steps but it is very steep.

A conglomeration of signs on the railway bridge where the steps go down on the left. The "Footpath Closed" sign actually refers to the pavement ahead which is blocked off at the pedestrian crossing, and this will be closed until May. Aren't you glad that you don't live in Little Eaton ......... or perhaps you do.
Even worse than usual traffic delays are encouraging knowledgeable locals to use alternative routes, one being the toll bridge over the River Derwent at Evan's Mill at Darley Abbey.  Toll £1 for cars, bikes free.
We have been lucky here in Derby with no flooding as yet apart from a few fields, but river levels are fairly high and the water fast flowing.

Here a video of the Derwent from the toll bridge above the weir.

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Martin said...

It's going to get worse. The Toucan Crossing will eventually have to be closed and moved, so cyclists (and pedestrians) will either have to go round the roundabout or risk crossing both lanes of the high speed sections of the A38 and A61.
I suggested to the site manager that a temporary footbridge was required, as during the roadworks at Raynesway, but since the £6m funding does not even stretch to a site office ( he has to work from his car) that seems unlikely.