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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Breadsall Greenway Phase 2

Work continues on the extension to the Breadsall Greenway (NCN 672) in spite of the grim state of the ground and here are photographs of the new crossings at the junction of Brookside Road and the A608.

                                                      The Brookside Road Crossing.

                                                         The A608 Crossing.
On the opposite side of the road, concrete barriers have been sited to protect the workforce. I presume that these are temporary but that cyclists will be afforded some similar protection from the passing traffic.

Further on, we can now see where the new path goes behind the existing hawthorn hedge and into the wood on the embankment of the SSSI Nature Reserve which lies in the old railway cutting behind the trees.

It looks as though Derbyshire County Council are making their usual excellent job of this new path and we look forward to it's opening sometime later this year.

A video of the Breadsall Greenway from The Paddock PH to Sixoate Gate is now on You Tube.
To view it click  HERE


John SWAN said...

Was this taken this weekend Les? Looks very similar to my own visit on Sunday morning at the A608 end.

Les Sims said...


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