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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Breadsall Greenway Extension

Phase 2 of the Breadsall Greenway (NCN 672) is proceeding towards a completion date of (perhaps) the end of May and it is now possible to see exactly where it goes and get an idea of what it will look like.

                 The crossing of Brookside Road is almost complete together with it's adjacent fencing.
                 Presumably there will be bollards here to prevent the parking of cars on the new path.

This is the far side of the A 608 crossing looking towards Smalley. The new path runs alongside the main road, from which it is separated (further on) by a hawthorn hedge which has been layered.

After a new gate, the path continues parallel to the road for some distance, this being where we have the SSSI Nature Reserve in the old railway cutting to the right.

                         The path veers away from the road towards the old railway track bed.

                   And here at the end of the Nature Reserve, it drops down onto the old railway route.

                      It then runs fairly straight for some distance between some fine old trees.

                                                                       Like this.

Eventually reaching this bridge which carries only a farm track, and the path goes up a ramp here to bypass the bridge.

       From the bridge, it is but a short distance to the new NE end of the Breadsall Greenway where it     reaches Lime Lane, and the town of Ilkeston can be seen in the distance.

Looks to me as though the extension will be a fine addition to our Greenways in South Derbyshire and no doubt will become a popular scenic route for cyclists and walkers.

                                    More photos at Lime Lane to follow.  Watch this space.


John SWAN said...

On two separate occasions, persons have asked, " Where is the car park"? !!!#!##. I bet that if they could get the car along the Greenway, they would drive the car along it.
Plenty of buses along the A608, even on Sundays. Walk. Cycle. Ride your horse if you have one.

littleranger said...

Lovely photographs Les. Looking forward to a cycle ride along it when completed.

Martin said...

I am amazed as you, John, by people who think car parks are a necessary feature of cycle routes. I was in Buxton recently talking to a wildlife volunteer who was opposed to a safer cycling Route 68 being created into the centre of Buxton. "Surely parents will take their children to the car park on the edge of town for a cycle ride". !.

Longranger said...

Britain has cyclists, whereas in the rest of Europe, cycling is a regular activity. This is a major national problem, where cycling is seen as a sport and leisure activity rather than a means of transport. The market reflects this - either mountain bikes or 'road bikes'.

Trexrider said...

Nice pictures Les.

And I like the two previous posts by Martin and Longranger.