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Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Lunch

For the umpteenth year the Derby Rangers Christmas Lunch was held at the Hargate Tea Rooms in Hilton and 18 people attended.  It was great to see our good friends once more.  The meal, again prepared by Eileen and Sue, was well up to the usual standard and a good time was had by all.
Thanks to Phil Harris and Alan Locke for dealing with the administration.

A few candid photos herewith.  Apologies to those not featured, but having looked at the proofs I can assure you that no picture at all is sometimes better than a poor one.  Such is the nature of candid photography.

                                                                    South end of the table.

                                                                             Martin and John.

                                                                      Dorothy and Clyde.

                                                                       Mavis and Sue.

                          Maria, Nick and Stefan.  Also Alan and Wendy are in there somewhere.

              And finally ....................

                                                              Merry Christmas, Phil.


littleranger said...

What a motley crew we may ask ourselves!
A great event once again, lovely to meet everyone and an excellent meal produced by Eileen and Sue at Hargates Tea Room.

John SWAN said...


Clyde said...

Good to see you all again! I always look forward to this get-together - Xmas wouldn't be the same without it! It was a shame that Mrs H couldn't make it - her cold is in full bloom now! (and I've still escaped it - touch something or other). Thanks to Phil, Sue, Eilee and everyone else who helped organize it. I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

swaddywaddy said...

Sorry I couldn't make it this year but nice to see everyone enjoying the festive fare. Ditto a happy Christmas and an active new year bicycling around Derbyshire and beyond , Yorkshire, France etc