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Friday, 15 November 2013

Hire Bikes in Nottingham

With a similar scheme to London (Borisbikes) and some other cities, Nottingham now has bikes on the street for hire. There is a Citycard system for regular hirers, but casual users can hire them for £4 per day, or with a special offer for only £1 per day. The system can be operated via mobile phones for those with a Citycard or otherwise by way of Tourist Information Offices.
The bikes are made in France by Arcade Cycles and are shaft driven, so have no chain, but have lights with a hub dynamo on the front wheel and a very substantial handlebar carrier basket.

This is the rear axle showing shaft drive and gear change. Couldn't see how many speeds as the handlebar twist grip is just marked plus + and minus -.

Front end here showing lights and hub dynamo.
Brakes also a bit of a mystery, neither calliper nor disc.

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