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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Innovative Rear Light

Lights for bikes have improved immeasurably over recent years with the introduction of flashing LED lights which are brighter, much lighter in weight, and less power hungry than the clumsy, dim, expensive to run, lights of old.
With the dark winter nights ahead of us, time to check out the latest technology in this field.
Most on-road cycle lanes are intermittent and it would be nice to have your own personal cycle lanes everywhere.
Well now you can with this new rear light which not only gives you a bright conventional rear light but projects lines onto the road behind you.

There is a video on the 7 Day Shop web site, but I cannot get the hyperlink to work properly.

If anyone has bought one of these lights, would you please let us know what you think of it. Does it project lines on the road that would be visible to car drivers?


Peter Roberts said...

I am in the market for another rear light. Swapping the existing one between bikes is a pain. My wife's solution, get rid of *extra * bikes, does not seem the right idea! Those * pull the strap tight * to affix to seat post I have also found unreliable and so need a tighten y screw option

Les Sims said...

If you can afford more than one bike, you should be able to afford more than one rear light.
But seriously, even the cheapest of LED lights is light years (pardon the pun)away from those of yesteryear.

John SWAN said...


Try this.

John SWAN said...

Copy and paste into your browser to access the link in my previous comment

Brian Daws said...

I have one of these lights and it works really well and does project lines very clearly behind the bike. The rear light has several flashing patterns and the laser lights flash as well although you can have them both as fixed lights if you wish. Well worth the money in my opinion.