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Friday, 27 September 2013

Further extension of the Great Northern Greenway at Breadsall.

The Derby Evening Telegraph, in the Thursday 26th Sept 2013 edition, has a footpath closure notice for the footpaths which presently represent the route of the Great Northern railway line from the A608 at Breadsall, and continuing as far as Lime Lane. This is on account of the works which will be taking place from 14th Oct 2013 until 28th Feb 2014 to extend the Greenway. This will greatly enhance the use of the present section from A610 to The Paddock at Breadsall.


Les Sims said...

Good news there John. Well spotted.
Surprising, considering the current financial situation with suggestions that DCC may have to sell County Hall at Matlock to keep the ship afloat.
However you may recall that the first move by the new administration was to give themselves a big pay rise, so things are not, perhaps, as bad as they seem.

Clyde said...

That is good news, John! Thanks for being its bearer! I thought from the meetings at Matlock I attend from time to time that DCC had given up on this next section of NCR672.