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Monday, 12 August 2013

A Message from Malcolm Shepherd

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Good news for some  parts of the country, but not much to excite the cyclists of Derby, although we must not forget the Velodrome.
Like the curate's egg, the cycle paths of Derby are good in parts, but the main problem is dis-jointed routes.  Far too many cycle lanes just end in the middle of nowhere for no obvious reason, and all that is needed is another pot of paint.  Some junctions and roundabouts are designed with no provision for cyclists at all.  No wonder that many people who have bikes do not use them in Derby.
Do not despair however as there is talk of a route following the HS2 corridor when that is built, so we will be able to "Race the Train" as they do in North Wales. By 2025 we may be too old however.


Martin said...

Do we know which 4 routes are promised for the Peak District?

The HS2 proposal seems to be a less than ambitious, linking of existing Sustrans routes going in the same general direction. Modern railway track maintenance uses dedicated (private) access roads to deliver heavy machinery to the trackside, and utilised only a few days a year. These would make ideal cycle routes for the rest of the year.


Ian said...

Derby Telegraph has more details on the Peak District funding at http://www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/pound-7-5m-earmarked-create-new-Peak-routes/story-19650241-detail/story.html#axzz2br5XG8aJ

Les Sims said...

Peak District Routes are as follows:

White Peak Route links the High Peak Trail to the Monsal Trail with two new sections - Matlock to Bakewell and Buxton to Hurdlow.

Little Don Route links Sheffield (Beeley Wood) to the Trans Pennine Trail near Penistone.

Staffordshire Moorlands Link is a new trail between The Roaches and Stokton Brook running into Stoke.

Little John Route is an off road route in the Hope Valley.

So riders from Derby will need to catch a train to get on these routes.

John SWAN said...

To put a damper on things, I have today discovered that the application to extend the Breadsall Greenway NCN672 to Lime Lane has an addition 'Withdrawn'!
Sustrans were supposed to have allocated a large amount of money towards the cost of this project.

John SWAN said...

Flap off. The application was withdrawn due to a few mainly ecological problems in the original. All sorted now, according to a quick response from Derbys. C.C.

Martin said...

Having travelled to Bakewell today, without a bike, on a standing room only bus, delayed by 20 minutes by traffic on the A6., I am more convinced than ever of the need for safe cycle links into the Peak District from the railhead in Matlock.